Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Snail's pace

Slow progress on the second attempt at Green Gable...I am halfway through the lace portion. I had to unknit several rounds...twice...which probably took longer than all the actual knitting. There is still at least one mistake in the lace so far, but since I cannot figure out how to fix it, I will try to live with it.

Green gable attempt #2
Celadon lace beginnings

And since the cotton yarn is so thin and slow, I decided to cast on for another project...thick wool and big needles will lead to faster progress, perhaps? I seem unable to focus on just one project. Here is the start of the Anthrogologie-inspired capelet, which Joanne saw on Craftster awhile back.

Just a ribbed neckline so far

After the first row of raglan increases, I already need a longer circular needle. I am not sure how the capelet will turn out, since the yarn thickness varies...if successfull, it will be a handknit gift!


veuvebrun said...

You're so knitty! I LOVE that light blue yarn. Both projects look great. Snails knit pretty slowly, but they do a great job and that's what counts. I'm just happy to see you knitting, Carol. Enjoy!

snoopyjoanne said...

you are becoming quite a skilled knitter! no worries about speed... i love the lace pattern, very lovely!

Anonymous said...

Both look very lovely! I really like the colors that you choose.

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