Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Swatching was complete, so yesterday evening I cast on for Green Gable...the backward loop cast on is recommended, for a nice stretchy boatneck....after reading several posts about it on the knitalong, I surmised that backward loop is just another name for the single cast on. It was not fun purling into all those inelastic, splitty loops of cotton, lovely as the yarn is...but I managed, and was working merrily through part A, when I discovered this.

Green gable attempt #1
Yikes! Big mess up front (and Arrow hairs on the couch)

Please excuse the dark photo, but what is that big loopy mess up front? And how did it happen? Yech! So alas, I will have to rip it out and do that backward loop thing again with the unforgiving cotton. *Sigh*

At least there are pretty flowers to look at...more fragrant freesia planted by Dan...

Sweet smelling freesia, this time in yellow and red

and a beautiful centerpiece from Jess and Tony's wedding!

Wedding flowers
So lovely


snoopyjoanne said...

mmm...wish we could smell the lovely freesia thru your blog! haha... don't worry about the do-over, i'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon!

veuvebrun said...

Snoopy's right: practice will make it easier. Look at you with your stitch markers and everything, Carol. What a pretty sweater it will be! Do not despair. Remember how many sleeves I knit for my still un-put-together tunic ...

The posies are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers! And the sweater is going to be lovely too. You'll get it next time.