Sunday, May 28, 2006

Change of venue

The Sit 'n Knit finale at the current digs was this weekend...Chez Arrow is moving! There were strawberry cupcakes for noshing...

Strawberry cupcakes
Made with strawberries from the weekly box

And finished knits were brought out for show and tell...I made some more tissue holders for prizes...

Tissue holders
Everybody gets a prize

Dana surprised us all with her angora bunny, Bun Bun...he is so big and fluffy!

Bun Bun eating carrot tops
Bun Bun eating carrot tops

And I even made some progress on the capelet...still unsure about the thick/thin yarn, but I continue to knit, in the hopes that the finished result will still be pretty, though different...after all, there is a deadline for this gift!

Capelet progress
Almost ready to split the sleeves

Also, need to start packing for the move...


Anonymous said...

whoa you mean to tell me there was a rabbit around and the beagle was no where to be found? lucky rabbit. We have two baby bunnies living under our backyard shed. they come out to eat in the evening and i keep samuel inside. she spends ALL her time in the backyard tracking (and doing her tracking bark) now. silly dog. (lucy and sam got stylish new collars this week!)

snoopyjoanne said...

i will miss chez arrow's current location...but looking forward to your new place soon! :) and mitchell's ice cream. those strawberry cupcakes were delicious - i scarfed down two of them! a great finale @ chez arrow! :)

veuvebrun said...

I am sorry I had to miss the S 'n' K Grand Finale. Those strawberry cupcakes were masterful. And Bun Bun looks so fluffy and all pink and white; I wish I could have met him. Nice idea giving away tissue holders as prizes.

Ah, yes, it was a short, sweet run at Chez Arrow, and we are all looking forward to your new abode. Happy new first home!

Despite what DD and your Mom have implied, I think we can control ourselves around Mitchell's. Oh, that Macapuno ... mmm ...
Meet you there soon!

Peevish said...

I just got my Knitters Tea Swap Package!! Thank you SO much!! Posting pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could eat one of those cupcakes. Everytime I visit your site I want cake. Do I ever have cake in the house? No. Sadly it is usually cake-free around here.

Just got back from the post office ... your package is on its way!

Tea pal