Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I am feeling a bit swappish, so I signed up for the Knitters Tea Swap...it sounds like fun!

teaswap button

Speaking of knitting, yesterday I finished knitting the second Sweet Mary Jane...but then I was confounded by how to do the crochet edging. Again. Argh!! I plan to give it another go later this week. Then perhaps the...world's...slowest...knitter...will have a finished pair to show. Perhaps...


veuvebrun said...

Well done on the Mary Jane. Don't fret about the amount of time it took or about the crochet edging. You know what might be an interesting idea (if it doesn't freak you out): immediately knit another pair while the pattern is still fresh in your mind. And this time, knit one after the other. Is that too much to thnk about with your hand pain? It may be. I am proud of you for finishing #2. No more hopping about on one foot scaring the beagle.

Anonymous said...

check emmie's blog out for a grey pair of mary janes she did with an intresting take on decoration..i don't seem to remember any crochet on them and they are totally cute.

also here's a little story..i made my first sweater, without a pattern even using a schmetaic even. it sat in a target bag for over a year unfinished because it was a cardigan and i couldn't learn to crochet right to do the edging and button thing. it took me over a year and 1/2 to sit down with erin a million times and get it. i'm serious that pretty green sweater sat in a bag for over a year due to that. don't let stuff like that happen to you!

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