Friday, April 28, 2006

Springtime knits

So I tried the crochet edging on the Sweet Mary Jane again, with no still came out looking different from the first slipper. What the heck is wrong the me? How can I figure it out once, but not the second go-around? Argh!! The new plan: Seek help from local yarn shop this weekend.

In the meantime, the world's slowest knitter has been contemplating lovely springy knits she could knit, if she knit faster. For example:

The Green Gable sweater...isn't it cute? Knit in the round, the only seaming at the sleeves. Perhaps it can be my first sweater. Of course, it probably would take me a year to knit...or more...maybe I can wear it next summer.

Or how about the Cool Hemp Ponchette? Normally I do not care for ponchos, unless they're for young children, but I rather like this one.

Well, a girl can dream...I'm actually working on the One Skein Wonder right many more months will that take? Sometimes it is frustrating, when things others can knit in a day or two takes me months, but then I remind myself to be grateful that I can knit, even a little bit. Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I joined the sweet mary jane kal too (in November or December 2005). It was my first attempt at knitting something other than a scarf! It took me so-o-o-o long to figure it out but I finally did. I gave them to a friend for part of her Christmas present. It was a fun experience. Good luck with the edging!