Monday, April 03, 2006

Rain rain go away

It just keeps raining here in San Francisco! I hope it clears up by Thursday, which is Opening Day for the Giants.

Not much craftiness to report. I made a few more tissue holders, including a gnome print for Dan. I sent a couple of tissue holders to Jen, who makes handmade lovelies with her sister. And they have hounds.

More tissue holders

Here is the beagle. Doesn't she look like she's smiling?



snoopyjoanne said...

sew cute! =) i love the gnome print. i really should make some snoopy print tissue holders huh?

veuvebrun said...

It doesn't just look like she's smiling; she IS smiling!

Yes, the rain must cease. Baseball on the radio today gives one a glimmer of hope. I think you'll have good weather on Opening Day, but the rest of us might not be so lucky this weekend. GO GIANTS!!!

I love the tishy holders, especially the Japanese cat print.

Carol said...

veuvebrun: I'm glad you like it, because the Japanese cat print is for you!

Anonymous said...

your pup is soooo cute!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

i always love seeing arrow! especially smiling.

i am giving one of the two you sent to my sister. We mightmake some for the little show we're doing in April.

two rabbits said...

i know, the rain is killing me!! your tissue holders are so cute, love the fabrics. i've been wanting to try a tissue holder tutorial cassi of bella dia did a long time ago forever but they seem so small that they'd be difficult. someday i'll attempt it!

here's to more sun and less rain tomorrow.

Isa said...

ohhh....i love the tishy holders ;-)

greetings from germany