Wednesday, April 19, 2006


George and Gracie the peregrine falcons are back. But this year only one of their four eggs hatched. This week I have been checking the Peregrine Nest Cam for a glimpse of the hatchling, with no luck yet...but it is nice to see Gracie again!

I saw a white fluffy something when Gracie stepped away for a moment, around 12:30 pm. So exciting!

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veuvebrun said...

Carol turned me onto the peregrine falcons last year and it is a fascinating urban phenomenon. This year is a disappointing to have only one eyas (baby falcon) hatch. But such is nature, and the fact that these beautiful birds are even surviving in the city is amazing to me.

FYI, I learned that Gracie can be easily differentiated from the father George (who also sits on the nest at times) by the white dot over her right eye.

Thanks for introducing me to the falcons, Carol! I am hooked. They are awe-inspiring to observe in person.