Monday, April 10, 2006

The Easter beagles

A few ladies made it to Chez Arrow yesterday for knitting and cupcakes. We taste tested the Samoa cupcake for Jess and Tony's wedding next month. It was my first foray into cupcake dissection...removing the top, filling the cavity, replacing the top, and frosting...and it was rather challenging. The resulting cupcakes garnered mixed reviews...there was concern about the top falling off, which made the cupcake a bit difficult to eat. So I think we'll make another type of cupcake for the that doesn't require dissection.

Samoa cupcakes
Top-heavy Samoa cupcakes

The Easter beagles are making their annual appearance. At first Arrow thought they were toys for her, but she has since made friends with them. Here she is enjoying a rare sunny moment with her new friends. I want to get her some bunny ears so she can be an Easter beagle also, but can you believe we haven't found any at the many pet accoutrement stores in the city?

Arrow lounging with Easter beagles
Arrow sunbathing with two Easter beagles


Anonymous said...

i have the same purple easter beagle!
well i have alot of snoopy stuff. :D

i love how arrow is just soaking up the sun.

i looked at them on flicker too
give her a pat ont he head for me

snoopyjoanne said...

easter beagles!!! =)
the samoa cupcakes were delicious. and thank you again for showing me how to cast-on for the mary jane slipper!

African Kelli said...

Um, I wouldn't complain about those cupcakes. They look and sound fab!!

Melissa said...

mmmm, those cupcakes look scrumptious!

that reminds me, i need to take out my easter snoopys too! i have one with snoopy dressed up like a lamb - adorable.

veuvebrun said...

That must've been the one ray of sun all month -- no wonder Arrow is soaking it in. Those cuppycakes look luscious. Sorry I missed the S n' K, but I am glad you all had a fine time. I would have liked to see you trying on the partially-knit mary jane slipper ...