Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Signs of spring

Arrow and I saw beautiful cloud formations during our evening constitutional yesterday. Then on the way home, we saw a rainbow!

A rainbow in the clouds
Rainbow over Market St.

The M&Ms are finished, so I filled the green bunny dish from Joanne with Cadbury Mini Eggs. I love the chalky pastel colors of the little eggs.

Cadbury mini eggs
Cute little cone shaped eggs


snoopyjoanne said...

heehee...i love all bunny-themed items. and chocolate too! :)

jenny said...

What a cute idea with the bunny and the chocolate eggs!

veuvebrun said...

Your rainbow shot is beautiful. With all the rain these past months I have been trying to spot one myself, but alas I have not seen any. I think this means you and Arrow have been showered with good luck!