Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Matcha matcha

Knitting returned to Chez Arrow on Sunday, with matcha muffins and two kinds of lime squares for nosh. Dan and I made the recipe with key limes from Berkeley Bowl, and Pamela surprised us with her version, made with regular limes. A side-by-side test test was conducted, and both were deemed delectable by all knitters present.

Matcha muffin batter
Matcha muffin batter

Matcha muffins
Green is the theme

I even managed to knit a few rows of My So Called Scarf, which had been languishing for months...it was originally supposed to be a Christmas gift, before hand injury slowed me down to nearly a standstill...anyhows, I am knitting in baby steps! And speaking of babies, I made this little brag book for Chloe's 100 day celebration.

Brag book for Chloe
For showing photos on the go


veuvebrun said...

You could really taste the matcha in the muffins. Oishii! And your "My so-called scarf" is looking really good. The beagle was so subdued. A fun afternoon ... thanks, Carol!

snoopyjoanne said...

i enjoyed eating both types of lime squares! yummy :)