Friday, March 31, 2006

All zipped up

Lookie! I made a couple of lined zipper pouches, with help from this tutorial on first time working with zippers, which was a bit of a challenge.

Lined zipper pouches

I also added a little ribbon is a peek inside at the lining...

The lining

Not too bad for a first attempt, I up is the Nappy Bag!


snoopyjoanne said...

wowzers, you have gone "sew" crazy! teehee. i am very impressed at all the sewing you've been doing lately! cute pouches...i'm happy to see that you used my lavendar hawaiian print too =)

African Kelli said...

So great! I learned how to sew a zipper with that tutorial too. They come out much, much better with about 10 under your belt, I've found. Same goes for the Nappy bag. My first one was shabby. The last one was much better. I highly recommend pressing all the seams, as suggested. Good luck! (And post the results!!)

two rabbits said...

oh they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

ooooh they are looking good!
nice touch with the ribbons!

p.s. i got my lil box -o- treats today thank you soooooo much! (they are posted too)

Joanna said...

I need to try some of those. I'm deathly afraid of zippers, though!