Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Dan and I watched Murderball last night. My friend Roberta, who is an occupational physician, told me about the movie when it came out last summer.

I had been feeling sorry for myself about not being able to knit, so watching this film was just the kick in the pants I needed. While I may not be able to do some of the things I love, and even though therapy has been very slow going, self-pity will get me nowhere!

Anyway, Dan and I really liked it. We laughed and laughed, and I cried a bit too. So go rent it! (Or for those with cable TV, watch it on A&E this week.)


msharmony said...


I am diving back in to blogworld. What a great photo of Lake Tahoe! And I love your cute little pup. We are debating whether to get a beagle. Our friend Patti was making an impassioned case this weekend, since her (late) Albert was able to sing whole songs along with her, on pitch!

msharmony said...

Oh also -- go to corndoggerel.blogspot.com -- good lord!

And hello to Dan

snoopyjoanne said...

oh yeah i want to watch that movie! will probably have to rent it though...unfortunately a 10pm or 2am start is waaaay past my bedtime!

veuvebrun said...

It does look like an interesting film, and I would have never thought so if you had not recommended it. Thanks, Carol and Dan! And Roberta!

tammie said...

this movie was fantastic! i posted about it on my old blog http://snottymommy.blogspot.com) as a must see".