Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year of the dog

It's a typical morning for this dog...she's ringing in her year with some sun.


The peoples at Chez Arrow celebrated the new year with friends and a dinner of steamed whole fish, pot stickers, garlic noodles, sticky rice with Chinese sausage, roasted peanuts, tangerines...and lucky red envelopes with peppermint patties inside...very traditional! (Parts of it, anyway.)

Lunar New Year table

Happy Lunar New Year 4704!


Anonymous said...

that's the second photo i can see arrow's cow spots!
she's so cute and looks like she's enjoying the year of the dog already.

p.s. i left arrow some comments in her flicker pictures

Joanna said...

Look at you guys and your food (again!). I'm so ashamed of myself for forgetting Chinese New Year (I'm 1/2 Chinese). We had pizza for dinner. Hello??? Wish I'd been at your place.