Monday, January 23, 2006

Window treatments

There was knitting and noshing at Chez Arrow on Saturday, along with afternoon tea (part of my BBM3 goodies). We had shortbread...I used the BBM3 recipe...and ginger-pistachio scones with our tea, as well as cucumber sandwiches and curry chicken salad sandwiches. Dan made the chickie salad.

I didn't knit much, since I'm still resting the hands, but Bethany tried to teach me how to knit continental style. I can't seem to get the hang of holding onto the yarn with the left hand. Otherwise, it makes sense...think I will try again when I've made more progress on hand therapy.

A friend who I hadn't seen in years brought a sweater she had knit (and spun) from the fleece of her Cheviot sheep. Arrow decided to sit on the sweater.

Arrow on Dana's sweater
Dana the spinner/shepherdess is on the right

And here are the curtains I finally made...they're so plain...don't ask why it took so long! The sheer fabric was leftovers from Dan's mother, whose friend was closing her upholstery shop. Unfortunately there isn't enough for the dining room...may end up buying curtains instead!



Joanna said...

So is that you on the left with the skein of yarn around your legs? Fun! Your curtains turned out great. I'm a fan of sheer curtains. Unfortunately our neighbors are too close for that.

Carol said...

That is my friend Jessica winding her big ole skein of yarn. I guess I haven't included many photos of myself on the blog! Thanks for the nice curtain comments...luckily the photo obscures the crooked seams!