Friday, January 06, 2006

Twelfth day of Christmas

This Christmas Dan was very excited about displaying his grandmother's creche in our house. He had fond childhood memories of it, but for several years the nativity scene had been boxed up and stored away at his aunt's. So a week before Christmas, seven shepherds and their flock of 41 sheep, three wise men with their camels and camel boys, Mary, Joseph, trees, mountains, and barn animals were unpacked and arranged in various locations in our humble abode.

The creche

Needless to say, I did realize the size and scope of this nativity scene.

The three wise man on the move

Today is Epiphany, and the three wise men will be moved over to the manger. Tomorrow we are celebrating the day with Galette des Rois from Bay Bread Boulangerie, and brunch with our families at Chez Arrow.

Speaking of the beagle, we gave her a breath-freshening parsley stem yesterday. I was surprised when she gobbled it up right away! I didn't think she would like it.

Arrow chews parsley
See the green stem in her mouth?

Not much crafting going on...started physical therapy and hope the exercises will enable me to do a bit of knitting trying to be patient...

Mother-of-pearl earrings

Here are a pair of earrings my friend Pamela made for me with mother-of-pearl beads I got months ago at Forbeadin'. Dan's mother made the poinsetta placement.

Happy Epiphany!

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jennifer said...

beagle's will gobble anything up that won't eat them first

hahahaha she is looking so cute! (arrow)

sometimes i wish samuel and arrow could get together for a girl's day out. they could be all beagle-y together and stuff. *sigh*