Monday, January 09, 2006

January doldrums

Chez Arrow was packed on Saturday...the Epiphany brunch was well attended...and the Galette des Rois was a hit...not even a crumb remaining after the guests departed.

Galette des rois

Dan made several fritattas with chard, leeks and bacon...see them in the background? And I contributed with apple-raisin bread pudding and toasty baked oatmeal.

Bread pudding and toasty oatmeal

The beagle was quite well-behaved during the party. She also managed to get in some sunbathing and eat more parsley during the weekend. We also took her for a hike in Marin.

Arrow eats more parsley

Although the sun has been out for a few days, I was feeling sad when we took down the Christmas decorations yesterday...I guess I just need to get over it!

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Joanna said...

How come your food pictures always look soooo yummy?! MMMMM. And your dog + parsley = too funny.