Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New year blooms

Lookie! The amaryllis is blooming, just in time for the lunar new year...must be an auspicious sign, yes?


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Year of the dog

It's a typical morning for this dog...she's ringing in her year with some sun.


The peoples at Chez Arrow celebrated the new year with friends and a dinner of steamed whole fish, pot stickers, garlic noodles, sticky rice with Chinese sausage, roasted peanuts, tangerines...and lucky red envelopes with peppermint patties inside...very traditional! (Parts of it, anyway.)

Lunar New Year table

Happy Lunar New Year 4704!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Window treatments

There was knitting and noshing at Chez Arrow on Saturday, along with afternoon tea (part of my BBM3 goodies). We had shortbread...I used the BBM3 recipe...and ginger-pistachio scones with our tea, as well as cucumber sandwiches and curry chicken salad sandwiches. Dan made the chickie salad.

I didn't knit much, since I'm still resting the hands, but Bethany tried to teach me how to knit continental style. I can't seem to get the hang of holding onto the yarn with the left hand. Otherwise, it makes sense...think I will try again when I've made more progress on hand therapy.

A friend who I hadn't seen in years brought a sweater she had knit (and spun) from the fleece of her Cheviot sheep. Arrow decided to sit on the sweater.

Arrow on Dana's sweater
Dana the spinner/shepherdess is on the right

And here are the curtains I finally made...they're so plain...don't ask why it took so long! The sheer fabric was leftovers from Dan's mother, whose friend was closing her upholstery shop. Unfortunately there isn't enough for the dining room...may end up buying curtains instead!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A little sunshine

The paperwhites my father gave me on Christmas are blooming!

Blooming paperwhites

In the background: The amaryllis from St. Nicholas has made some progress too...hope it starts to bloom soon. Sadly, the bulbs saved from last year are not flourishing at all.

Yesterday I finally made curtains for the living room. But the needle on my mother's old sewing machine broke, so the dining room windows remain unadorned.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Butternut yummies

Yesterday Dan made rigatoni with pumpkin and bacon, using a butternut squash from our box instead of pumpkin...it was sooo gooood...mmm...here's a shot of my lunch on a paper plate!

Butternut and bacon rigatoni

And we're going to Tahoe next month! I'm so excited. It has been a few years since I have been to the snow...we're planning to cross-country ski with the beagle...I think we need to get booties for her! She likes to stay warm...see her cozy by the heater?

Arrow by the heater

Monday, January 09, 2006

January doldrums

Chez Arrow was packed on Saturday...the Epiphany brunch was well attended...and the Galette des Rois was a hit...not even a crumb remaining after the guests departed.

Galette des rois

Dan made several fritattas with chard, leeks and bacon...see them in the background? And I contributed with apple-raisin bread pudding and toasty baked oatmeal.

Bread pudding and toasty oatmeal

The beagle was quite well-behaved during the party. She also managed to get in some sunbathing and eat more parsley during the weekend. We also took her for a hike in Marin.

Arrow eats more parsley

Although the sun has been out for a few days, I was feeling sad when we took down the Christmas decorations yesterday...I guess I just need to get over it!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Twelfth day of Christmas

This Christmas Dan was very excited about displaying his grandmother's creche in our house. He had fond childhood memories of it, but for several years the nativity scene had been boxed up and stored away at his aunt's. So a week before Christmas, seven shepherds and their flock of 41 sheep, three wise men with their camels and camel boys, Mary, Joseph, trees, mountains, and barn animals were unpacked and arranged in various locations in our humble abode.

The creche

Needless to say, I did realize the size and scope of this nativity scene.

The three wise man on the move

Today is Epiphany, and the three wise men will be moved over to the manger. Tomorrow we are celebrating the day with Galette des Rois from Bay Bread Boulangerie, and brunch with our families at Chez Arrow.

Speaking of the beagle, we gave her a breath-freshening parsley stem yesterday. I was surprised when she gobbled it up right away! I didn't think she would like it.

Arrow chews parsley
See the green stem in her mouth?

Not much crafting going on...started physical therapy and hope the exercises will enable me to do a bit of knitting soon...am trying to be patient...

Mother-of-pearl earrings

Here are a pair of earrings my friend Pamela made for me with mother-of-pearl beads I got months ago at Forbeadin'. Dan's mother made the poinsetta placement.

Happy Epiphany!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

How quickly the vacation goes by...Dan and I had a nice week off...watching movies, seeing a couple of exhibits...Hatshepsut at the de Young and Baseball as America at the Oakland Museum...and spending time with the pooch, of course! He gets another day off, as most people do, but I go back to school tomorrow. *Sigh*

I finally started making curtains, but have not gotten very far. Also made ribbon belts for Dan's nieces as part of their Christmas gifties...here they are in progress.

Ribbon belts in progress

Dan and I also went to see the Snow Village scenes at the Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadero on Christmas Eve.

Hershey's truck at the Snow Village

More Snow Village

Diner at the Snow Village

Happy 2006!