Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sweet 'n Knit

There was knitting, sweets, and holiday cheer at Chez Arrow this weekend...the December Sit 'n Knit was a sweet exchange as well, but as soon as guests arrived, I forgot to take out the camera...so no pictures of the gingerbread peoples, toffee grahams, cranberry muffins, pretty sugar cookies, mocha cookies, and other delectable treats.

Here are the party favors...mitten clip magnets, candy cane knitting needles, and sock point protectors...with pom-poms!

Party favors

I made chocolate cupcakes, with a bit of mint in the chocolate ganache frosting.

Candy cane cupcakes

And peppermint bark, with an additional layer of dark chocolate beneath the white.

Peppermint bark

Merry Christmas!


Joanna said...

YUM!!! I saw Jim and Martha making that peppermint bark on TV, and I wanted to make some too, but didn't have any wax paper in the house! Argh. Yours looks fab. Of course adding a layer of chocolate is the way to go!

jennifer said...

oooh i want some peppermint bark now! yum yum! those party favors look awsome and did i tell you i love arrow in the santa paws hat! so cute, altho she looks pissed