Monday, December 12, 2005


What a lovely just flew by! Dan and I went to our first holiday party of the season, so I made a set of wine charms for the hostess. I also made a set for Dan's sister-in-law, whose birthday we celebrated on was also his mother's birthday...lots of festivities!

Wine charms and coasters

The origami coasters will be part of a Christmas present, I think. I am limiting myself to a few simple crafts that are easy on the I wish I could knit!

On Sunday we went to the zoo with friends, where we saw reindeer! I like the giraffes...we saw one lower itself down to get a drink of water, and another chewing the leaves and bark from a branch.

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Joanna said...

Wine charms--what a neat idea. I might have to copy that one. I just discovered your blog. Like the mary janes, too.