Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Works in progress

The camera is at the shop, so no photos...but, I have many works in progress! Mostly gifts-to-be, if successfully completed...yes, holiday knitting has begun! So even when the camera returns, photos may be delayed...

On the needles:
  • Started a scarf with green Malabrigo...I taught myself a new stitch pattern!
  • Another (neglected) scarf in Rowan Chunky Print is waiting to be finished
  • A couple of baby items in various stages, one in Rowan Soft Baby...so soft!
  • Ready to start the handles on the accidentally-too-big Sophie bag, after getting help from the nice folks at Imagiknit

Thinking about...

So it's definitely time for another Sit 'n Knit (aka Nosh 'n Knit)! Hopefully this beagle will stay out of the yarn...

Arrow with hat

1 comment:

jennifer said...

arrow! you are so adorable in your party hat!
made me think of go dog go!
"do you like my hat?"
"why yes i do, what a hat..what a PARTY HAT!"