Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The first Sweet Mary Jane is nearly complete, but the awful lumpy strap is further evidence that I am still struggling mightily with the hook-and-loop...crochet...will I ever learn to do it properly? Of course, using yarn that varies in thickness probably didn't help matters.

Sweet Mary Jane

I did not attach the strap to the slipper do I crochet them together? Help! Crochet struggles aside, the slipper was fun to knit, and I look forward to stitching the second one after I finish holiday knitting!

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jennifer said...

i think it looks good i have problems with crochet too but i just made a friend show me. it's hard to explain over the internet tho. i didn't know how to crochet my strap together but i just somehow figured it out. haha

i LOVE arrow in her hat!!!!!!!!