Monday, November 14, 2005

Baby knits & soccer cupcakes

Although I am without camera, my sister -- thanks Katie! -- took these photos before the items were gifted at Peanut's baby shower on Sunday. Knitting baby items is rather satisfying since I actually am able to finish them!

One-hour booties

First pair of booties, from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation...took me over an hour, but still pretty quick...I can't crochet to save my life though...the straps are just chain stitch, but my tension is all wonky...probably am not holding the hook and/or yarn properly. First time knitting with Lamb's Pride...exciting discovery, as the yarn comes in so many lovely colors...the green is a new one called Pistachio. Yum.

Two baby hats

More baby hats...on the left is yet another Cascade Fixation stretchy cotton hat...on the right is Rowan Soft Baby, and I used the pom-pom maker...very fun!

Soccer cupcakes

And finally, look at this soccer cupcake compilation! I didn't get to see it in person, but Dan's sister Cecilia sent the photo, and I had to share the brilliant use of cupcakery.


snoopyjoanne said...

the booties are soooooooooooo cute! can you teach me how to knit!?!??!

jennifer said...

the cupcake thing is quite impressive!

and the pistachio hat is ADORABLE!