Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Saint Francis Day

On Sunday we took Arrow to Duboce Park for the blessing of the animals. Pastors from the self-described "radical" Lutheran church around the corner were there in honor of Saint Francis Day, who is also the namesake of our city. The beagle proceeded to eat mud after being blessed.

After a low-morale Monday, Dan took me to a new-ish pizza spot in the neighborhood, Delfina Pizzeria. Even after yummy figs and cheese, clam pie, and broccoli rabe calzone, I still felt like quitting my job. Wahh!

See many dishtowel aprons in the September Tie One On gallery.

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two rabbits said...

Hey Carol,

Two things:
1 - Email me your address and I'll get the Martha mag to you tomorrow! leda44@gmail.com

2 - I love the chicken and bread salad at Zuni and came home immediately looked for the recipe. I found it and made it for friends a week later and it turned out delicious! I'll look for it to send to you too. What's your email? I couldn't find it on your site or in comments, etc.

3 (ok so there's a third) - we should meet up someday since we're both right here in sf. :)