Friday, September 23, 2005

Tie one on

Behold: a dishtowel apron for Tie One On...the pretty dishtowel is from my friend Cheya, and the idea from an old issue of Real Simple. I sewed on two buttons and tied ribbon to each...wrap the ribbon around your waist, and voila, a lovely hostess apron!

Detail of the button and ribbon, which seems to be fraying already!


veuvebrun said...

Hi, Carol. The grosgrain ribbon is going to fray unless you do something to the ends. Maybe stitch them down, or fuse them with clear nailpolish? Cute apron idea, though!

jennifer said...

pretty apron!

i tried to get my boy to buy me an apron at renegade all weekend but he refused. :(

jen at piddleloop dot com