Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nervous traveler

Arrow drools a lot in the car. Her mouth becomes a leaky faucet. See the many towels being used to catch the leakiness in this photo that Andy took on the way to the Blockhead Party.

The towels are soaked...eww!


jennifer said...

awww she looks so guilty in that photo like ok ok i know i drool but MOM I CAN'T HELP IT! says that face!

the bassett drolls when she's hott and nervous, she was nervous in the car. i get slimed when i take her home. i also get slimed when she shakes her head. but it's only dog slobber which is just water, wash it off. no harm no foul.


veuvebrun said...

I think drooled a little, too, when you and Dan drove me to Joanne's party. But it wasn't that I was nervous ... maybe it was the anticipation of cupcakes?