Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nosh 'n knit

These cupcakes were made for my first sit 'n knit on Sunday. I added cacao nibs to the vanilla buttermilk cupcake recipe from the May issue of Sunset, but unfortunately they were tough cupcakes. Hard as rocks, really. Luckily, the chocolate ganache from Orangette helped us choke them down. And, Pamela brought sweet and moist banana cupcakes so all was not lost. Oh, we also knitted. See?

Caution: A rock lies beneath the chocolate


Molly said...

Carol, I'm not a knitter, but I love the idea of a sit 'n knit. I'm almost tempted to organize one myself, minus the knitting. Any excuse for cupcakes, you know. Glad to hear that my ganache was present, and appreciated!

Carol said...

Molly, your ganache is very much appreciated! It is my chocolate topping of choice...and the first ganache recipe that worked for me too. (I agree, any excuse for cupcakes!)