Thursday, July 21, 2005

Abbreviated travels

Thanks to Caille's husband for bringing my computer back from the dead, while we were away. He is a miracle I need to try installing my digital camera software again. I am hesitant, as that was what led to the initial crash.

Dan and I are back from our Asian travels. We're disappointed that our trip was shortened, but he is on the mend, which is what matters most.

Craftyness: I got three craft books in Japan, never mind that I cannot read Japanese. I wanted to buy them all and had to exercise extreme self-control in limiting myself to three. (I could have stayed at the bookstore for hours, but the menfolk were hungry for dinner.) I also knit my first hat! I knit in the round! Though I had some trouble finishing and still need to weave in the ends. Photos soon, I hope, if the aforementioned software installation is successful.

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