Thursday, April 14, 2005

Smash, crunch and run

Used my mortar and pestle to make this pomelo and jicama is strangly satisfying to smash seemingly solid ingredients -- garlic, chile pepper, and sugar -- into a liquidy paste, which formed the dressing base for this crunchy salad.

Okay, so the salad I made didn't look quite as nice, but its tangy crunch was enjoyed with broiled tofu and garlic noodles.

And yesterday I went running for the first time this year! During the long, slow run I spied a lone cormorant in McCovey Cove...guess no one told him the Giants are on the road right now....what I need is a running buddy (Jeff, are you reading this?) so that I will do it regularly.

1 comment:

veuvebrun said...

Cormorants are cute. I love the peppy way they plunge back into the water after a little breather.