Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Samoas for breakfast

Girl Scout cookies are hard to resist...trans fat and all. I bought some from a student, and when I took out my bag to pay her, a group of fourth grade girls oohed and aahed over my Don Don shoulder bag. Should I be concerned that my accessory elicits compliments from 9-year old girls? One student even has a Don Don coin purse! Still, who can resist such a cute pooch peeking out of the pocket? The reason I had to have this bag (when I saw someone on Muni carrying a similar one with Don Don) was because I have the Don Don dog lamp, thoughtfully gifted from a friend. I finally found the bag at Spiral and Circle...check out other Don Don and Kam Kam (a cat) items from Pets @ Work.

Speaking of bags, have you seen the Bag Blog? And many bags...I wonder if there is a cupcake bag...

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