Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hey there chickpea

Last night I made this chickpea salad recipe from Orangette. It was a big hit. Usually I am anti canned beans - I am all about the dried beans - but blanching seemed to remove the cannyness. And it sure was quicker to make this way!

I am not Irish but I do like the color green, so in observance of St. Patrick's Day I made green tea muffins. I saw the recipe on super eggplant last month, but didn't get matcha powder until this weekend. Why do the muffins look so green in her photo? My batter was a very pretty green, but after baking the muffins just looked like normal muffins, with the slightest tinge of yellow-green. Hmm...I wonder if I did something wrong? Still, they're quite yummy.

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DD said...

The chickpea salad was great! Can't wait to try some of your new recipes.