Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pooches...late night knitting...cupcakes

Yesterday I observed the day my best friend went to poochie heaven by visiting our old haunt, Duboce to pet Sophie the sweet Australian Shepherd and meet Josie, a new dog at the park. (There's my sweet Harley at the park under "About Me.")

Later in the evening I worked on the Bora Bora scarf...I kept thinking I was almost finished, until the wee hours of the night...I finally realized it was a neverending skein of yarn. I think I will finish today...just a few more rows and then the dreaded weaving the ends in. Hope to have a pic here soon!

Yummy looking cupcakes via not martha...mmm...

1 comment:

skysongx said...

hey carol..blogger eh? exciting =] though i still prefer xanga. have fun stitching! i hope it comes out moth free!