Thursday, February 24, 2005

Local cupcakes not yet sampled

After every visit to New York I return wondering why there is such a cupcake shortage here. Thus began my dream to start a cupcakery...alas several locals have beat me to the, cupcake...though they don't have an actual venue where you can just pop in for one, you have to order a whole bunch. (Its portability is part of the beauty of a cupcake.) So I haven't tried their cupcakes yet, but they do look tasty!

I've read about Sibby's Cupcakery in a few places...and look at these cute animal cupcakes on The Cupcake Fairy, via Daily Candy.

I especially like the turtle.


DD said...

They look great, but I bet you make then just as well.

DD said...

All of this food is making me hungry.

skysongx said...

how cute! tee hee. by the way i love the sushi usb ports. VERY awesome. mm..sushi..

Ms. Harmony said...

The turtle!
By far the best!

My friend Bonnie had an all-cupcake wedding "cake". The bakers brought these lovely tiers of ribbon-festooned trays and set them up in a pyramid. Very yummy! Usually we are the last place for these trends to arrive, but we do have an all-cupcake bakery in Federal Hill. The wedding plan made it very easy to choose your favorite flavor. Am going to recommend to my sister.