Monday, February 28, 2005

Christmas candy always a welcome surprise

This weekend I received an unexpected gift of peppermint bark...yummy!

Here is Serta sheep #44 relaxing with a lavender eye pillow.

Here is mybear modeling the Bora Bora scarf...check out his slightly lopsided brown felt nose...a replacement because a certain poochie dog thought his nose was a chewy snack.

Here's the pattern for this fuzzy muffler, from a display scarf at Imagiknit:
1 skein GGH Esprit
US 11 needles
- Cast on 13 stitches
- Knit all stitches
- Bind off
- Weave in ends
(The first time I used this pattern was with a skein of dark red maroony Geisha...the scarf was a little fuzzier.)

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snoopyjoanne said...

mmm...the lavendar eye pillow is very soothing. now if only i had a serta sheep too!!! :P